Learning to blog as we plan

Today I went wandering through WordPress to see what I could see and some how I posted a comment to someone else’s blog on my own post and reposted someone else’s post on my blog.  I am not quite sure how I did this and wish Jonathan were here to slap my hand before I push a button.

Unfortunately, Jonathan and I are some many miles apart right now, as we each work on our part of getting ready.  We do talk every day but it is not the same as being in the same geographical location.  This is a hardship.  One of our obstecals is transportation.  We are trying to find a vehicle that we can both drive (he does not realize I have had my CDL’s), sleep in, cook in, store our belongings in, and afford.  I think we should put the tent and sleeping bags in my car and just skoot.  You just do not know how ready I am to get gone.

Our other difficulty is finding work online that will provide an income for our traveling.  Blogging is great fun and I am sure people make money from it.  I just have not gotten there, yet.  In the mean time we are hard at researching, reading, scouting out those items we believe we will need, and consulting with anyone that we think can help.

We figure there will be hardships at first and we decided to play our cards close to the chest and stay within the United States and Canada until we have our travel legs and pay some dues.  Besides there are places on our own continent that we both have not seen.  There are friends and family spread around the U. S. and Canada that we would like to see, and maybe a few of you.  Stay with us and we will let you know how it is going.


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