Small Town Big Scenery

Small Town Big Scenery

Looks like you can see forever

Looks like you can see forever

My current location is a farm house in a small town called Harmony, North Carolina, U. S. A.  Harmony is like most small towns if you blink you will miss it.  It sits at the intersection of N. C. Hwy. 21 and 901 in the north east section of Iredell County, between Statesville and Mocksville.  There is not much here, but the scenery is some of the best.

Although Iredell County is part of the foothills you feel like you are on top of the mountain.  When looking out across the expanse you can see for miles.  It feels like you are on top of the mountain looking at the tops of other mountains.  But they are foothills,smaller mountains and probably older.

.20130315_132621sceenery from park

Most of the land around Harmony is used for agriculture.  There are an abundance of dairy farms.  In fact I would say that the largest industry in and around Harmony is dairy farming and anything related to it.  After living in chicken country for so long I have to tell you the smell is a welcome change. You see a lot of open fields in the area.  People think that they are not being used, when in fact they are used for hay.  The fields are allowed to grow and are cut several times through out the growing season.  I have not been here for the start of the growing season.  My one hope is that I am either gone by that time or they do not truck in chicken doo to spread over the fields like they do in chicken country (Piedmont area).

Here is a little something I learned living in chicken country.  Because they spray chicken doo on the fields, now and then everyone gets scabies.  It does not matter how clean you are and I am a clean freak.  I spent lots of hard earned bucks on prometheus cream one year, trying to cure some of the family of this infestation.  I finally went online and looked up home remedies for body lice.  The cure was cheaper, worked faster, but smelled worse.   Here is what you do:  peel the skin and first layer of several onions (I used 6 sweet yellow) and place them in 2 quarts of water to boil for 2 hours.  After 2 hours let the brew cool to room temperature.  You can bottle this in glass bottles and keep it in the frig for a couple weeks.  Once the brew is cooled you can use either the skins or liquid to rub onto the effected areas, twice a day until the problem is cured.  My kids had scabies really bad, they went through three tubes of cream and the problem only worsened.  After using the onion brew they were cured in four days.  If you are low income and on food stamps you can look no further than you frig for a cure to most anything.

Due to my nephews fussing, screaming, cussing, and crying I am going to sign off for the moment.  I have noticed that my blog is all business and no humor, that usually means they are getting on my nerves and need some attention.  Days like this I wish I believed in beatings.


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