Good News and Hard Decisions


You see the picture above?  That is my dream, to see amazing places like this, meet colorful people along the way, eat exotic foods, and experience life.  I want to be apart of, not sit by and watch it.  As I have said in previous posts, my buddy Jonathan and I are readying to put ourselves out there.  Well, after a week of silence (yeah, sure you were busy at work) Jonathan messaged me and told me he had worked a deal for a van and we would have it in two weeks ( you are forgiven).  So I am up here in my drafting old farmhouse bedroom, silently (no I have not told my family) dancing my happy butt off.  YES! YES! We are one more step closer!! NA NA NANA NA NA!!!  Pa Pa Dooby do do da!!!  Now that made freezing my fat butt off all worth the wait.

That was good news number 1.  Good news number 2 is I completed my taxes and that will give me half a year.  Now comes the decision-making, and it is never easy.  First decision is to sale my lovely car.  I have a 99 Nissan Maxima that is probably the best car I have ever had.  It is in excellent condition, drives like a dream, and gets gas mileage like nobodies business.  I’m hoping the sale will get me three to four more months.  Did I mention it has only 91 thou on it.

Next decision is how to rid myself of material possessions when I do not have much to begin with.  When you are a woman on your own moving furniture can be a problem.   I did not have much and I had to leave it behind when I came to Harmony.  You would think that would make getting rid of the rest easy.  I never thought my clothes and crafting supplies would mean so much to me.  I am trying to figure out how to keep my sewing machine and yarn.  Having a van is going to make keeping some stuff easier, but the bulk will have to go.  The hardest part is I am a DIYer and I can always see another useful thing I can make or do with something if I just had the time.  If I cannot sell it I want to give it to someone who can really use it.  I hate waste.  Then I think to myself “I want to travel even more than I love my six inch heels, crocheting, making quilts, and having my nails done” and I get back to work sifting through the nonsense in my life.

I have messaged my niece and she will be keeping family heirlooms and important papers for me.  Most of the stuff I will just give to them.  The rest I will leave here with my brother.  Now that I have written it all out it seems much easier.  I need to just go through and throw out some clothes and shoes and box up the rest to ship to my nieces.  I am so glad you all could help me with this.  I just wish you were here to help me pick and choose.



Besides the mattress I am sitting on, this is all I own.  I just thought of an encouraging thought.  If I get rid of it all I do not have to wash it all.  Can you imagine only having to wash one load of laundry once a week.  Hey I might try bathing in laundry soap every night then hang them out to dry on the van.  That would take care of the laundry and bathing.  I am just kidding! Come on, I’m allergic to bathing, I will just do the laundry.  Alright then I need to get back to working on this mess.

Happy Wanderings!


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