Thoughts While Packing

awi'awipuhi trail in Hawaii

While I was sifting through my nonsense I thought “Hey I need to give a shout out to my best friend, Heather.”  She, like me, got fed up and jetted off.  Heather is probably in Arizona by now.  She is on her way to Hawaii.  This picture is a mountain trail in Hawaii that Heather and I will walk when I get there.  So, “Heeeeyyyy Sweet Tater, you succulent wench, give ’em hell in Hawaii!!!”  She better be reading this blog.

Another thought:  What to do with the pair of sexy, low heeled, strappy sandels with all the cool beading?  Fix the heels or cut off all the cool beading for another project and throw the shoes away?   “Grin”  DIY prevails!  Cut the beads off and toss the sandels.  I have three more pair that I have to sort through.

No. 3: Helpful reason to throw old things away, I can get new things along the way.

No. 4: I have way more yarn than any cat lady has cats.

No 5: My keep pile is still bigger than my leave pile. Refer back to No. 3.

No 6: Refer to No. 3

No 7: Give up and go at it again tomorrow.

Happy Wanderings


3 responses to “Thoughts While Packing

  1. Yes I am in Phoenix. Packing is very difficult. I have left a boxes with several friends along the way. Cassie is shipping my yarn, Deb is shipping my computer and some clothes, and Stacy is shipping my pottery. This way it is not such a burden all on one friend. Hey sexy lady you will have a place to crash at in Hawaii.

    • LOL, I miss you so much wild horses could not keep me from Hawaii. I did not know you were taking everything. Once you get settled you will have to tell me all of what happened. Not that I did not see it coming. Just be careful and take care of you for me. Now tell me what you think of my blog.

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