Help us Decide on Destination

It is 0848 hours and I am wide awake.  I just went to bed at 0400 hours.  My nephews never sleep past 0730 on any given day, so I am not sure how they did not wake me before 0800 hours.  Yep, I have been awake since 0800 hours.  Amazingly enough they are not screaming, crying, and trying to beat each other up.  These four guys can go at like alley cats if you do not catch them.



They look innocent, right?  NOT!

Any how, I was laying here listening to them talking and beginning to get rowdy with all these ideas running through my head.  It is like my mental syrup has been warmed up and is flowing out my ears.  You see, it is pouring down rain here in the N. C. Foothills and I had wanted to get out and take pictures today.  I am hyper active and I usually have multiple projects going to keep me busy.  I need to continue culling my possessions, I am crocheting a bag, I am working on a paper for I/O Psychology class, and well that just is not enough to keep me busy today.  Then it occurred to me, Jonathan and I have not decided where we want to go when we finally do leave the Americas.  I nearly gave my self a headache visualizing all the places I want to see.  Then I had a brain fart!  How about helping us decide?

I am serious.  Have you traveled?  Do you have a favorite destination?  Tell us about it.  Help us decide where to go.  We would like to know where you went and what you liked about it.  I will mention you on this blog and put up a picture you send me.  If I get to many I will put up multiple blogs until I get everyone’s ideas in.  This might be an undertaking, but it will be fun and interesting to see.  That is if anyone sends anything.  Come on, play with me and help me stay busy until we leave.  I may end up being sorry for this quest.  You will also be helping me to learn how this blogging stuff works.  Come ooooonnnnn!  It is also free advertisement for your blog.  Because I do not mind sharing space I will put up your suggestion, pictures, and site address.

That was my idea for the day and now that the house is quiet I need to get packing (I”m really going back to sleep with sound of rain on the tin roof).  Happy Wanderings.


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