Still Trying to Sort the Nonsense

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On the road means more time for this activity

Well I did not get any packing done today.  What I did do was tell my brother my plans to travel.  He is supportive and that means a lot.  I cannot help but feel that I am abandoning him.  I must have a home base and I will want to see him.  I just about want to cry because we have not had a lot of time together over the last ten years.  Next to no time, really.  I know what it feels like to be out in the world alone and your family far away.  That is how it has been for most of my adult years and his.  Okay before I cry I want to show you what I did do today.

I decided that I need a digital family diary.  I need something to take on the road with me so I remember who I belong to.  You want to see them?

My nephew Matthew and my brother Daryl

My nephew Matthew and my brother Daryl

Matthew, Rory, Brennen, & Aidan my nephews

Matthew, Rory, Brennen, & Aidan my nephews

Yep, we had a lazy day at home playing with the Wii, cooking a big pot of soup beans and cornbread, and me filming everyone.  Yep, I made a bunch of videos for when I get homesick.  I tried to put them on this blog but it will not let me.  I think maybe I need to put them in a different format or something.  I am learning and without Jonathan here it goes slow.  I forgot to get a picture of my brother’s girlfriend who is pregnant with their fifth child.  This one is a girl, Piper Gracie due June 10, 2013.  They need their own farm to live on with all these kids.  But can you not love those faces?

Tomorrow’s agenda is to get my belongings squared away while everyone is at church, finish my 4th week assignment for I/O Psychology class (help if you can), and get out of the house for some more picture-taking, figure out how to put a video on this blog (help if you can), and find a job online(help, help, help LOL).  I hope to talk to Jonathan too.  I want to see what progress he has made. Now that he has told me we are getting the van I am ready to go.  I feel like I am perpetually bouncing on the balls of my feet, ready to leave the starting line.  Can Ya Feel Me!!


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