More Good News But Still Stationary

Sorry to have not written in days.  I have been busy researching and writing my final paper for I/O Psychology class.  I am also feeling a little under the weather.  Every time people smoke in the house I end up with sinus problems.  Thank you Matthew Karsten of for making me laugh.  I am a follower of Matthew’s travel blog and Matthew really loves his animals.  You should check it out.  I have also been enjoying and http:.//  I am trying to loosely map out some destinations for the U. S. and Canada.  I have also been wondering how Nora Dunn of the has been healing after her motorbike accident.As you can see I do have my research go to’s.  These are my main forums for ideas and information and they have been extraordinarily helpful.

I bet you are wondering what my good news is.  My good news is Jonathan and I have decided on June 6, 2013 as our date of departure.  There is always that chance that things will come slamming together and we will be able to shoot out of here sooner.  We are not rushing it, because we want to give ourselves the best chance at making it.  Jonathan wants to stick around for his sister’s birthday, as well.  I can understand that.  They are very close and Jonathan is just that thoughtful of a man.  For the female readers, he is single.

The next good news is the van.  It is just a minivan, but it will travel more comfortable than my Nissan or Jon’s little truck.  This is a picture of the van.

I think we need to name it.

I think we need to name it.

This is a picture of what we would like to travel in.

Comfort and space? You think?

w Comfort and space? You think?

Aw well, you get what you get, and you don’t pitch a fit.  I figure we will learn real quick whether or not our friendship can with stand my snoring.  He has no clue how I can bend the walls, poor guy.  Really, he has no idea what he has gotten himself into (I laugh).

So, June 6th it is and I will be counting down the days.  There are 69 to go and I am so anxious.  In the mean time I am still working on culling out my nonsense.  I have made progress, but I am not ready to show it yet.  I would like everything I own to fit in the trunk of my car.  When we go over seas everything I own will have to fit in a backpack.  That is the trip I am most excited about.  My two most wanted destinations are to visit Thailand (my favorite food) and to return to Italy (my favorite food).  The closer it gets the more I want to be on the road, so I am thinking that in a few weeks I may head down closer to Jonathan and couch surf with a friend of mine.  the wandering spirit is brewing in my soul, I can barely contain myself.

Happy Wanderings.




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