Culture in Harmony

During my stay here in Harmony, NC I did make a friend.  Her name is Janet Harriman.  At the time I met her she was helping to run the Taproot Artisan shop.  This shop is full of hand-made items and products made by local artisans.  There is anything from wine and soaps to wooden children’s toys and jewelry.  Having turned pottery I was interested to see that only two potters were had their wares on display.  I fell in love with the hand-made purses and knotless netting jewelry.  There were even items made from kudzu vines.  If you live in the South you know that kudzu is a vine brought over from an Asian country and it took over the south.  It will choke out every living plant in the area if you let it grow, and it grows fast.  The shop also signs up artisans to instruct classes on different types of crafts and art techniques.  However, their main focus is barn quilts.

What are barn quilts?  I asked that too.  I do not know about other areas, but in the south decorating a barn is not unheard of.  A barn quilt is a large square of wood with a quilt pattern painted on it and hung on a barn.  Taproot Artisans gives tours of the area barn quilts.  This is a lovely drive through the country side stopping at farms and with beautiful barn quilts.  But Janet Harriman is running the website at, and she is running tours.  If you know people who like that sort of thing or just like to be toted about the country side sight-seeing, go to the web page and ask Janet about a tour.

taproot artisans20130315_133520 If you are a NC artisan, especially one in the Iredell or Davie county area, get in touch with Janet and ask her about some of the spots that feature NC arts and crafters.  You never know where networking will take you.  There is also an event coming up April 19th called Art Crawl.  It will be from 5:30 to 8:30 in downtown Statesville, that is a Friday.  Janet Harriman will be there featuring a few of the artisans and if I have not left the area I may be there with her.

taproot art

I must close for today.  I have a long list of things to do and people to contact.  Enjoy your Easter weekend or the coming of Spring whatever is you fancy.  Happy Wanderings.


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