A Change of Scenery is Coming!

This is were we want to be.

This is were we want to be.

Heeeeey! Heeeey!  I got some good news today!  Money is on the way!

That means I can pack my car today!  The keeping pile is still bigger than the leaving pile, but I have made a lot of progress.  I have said before that I am a DIYer.  Especially with material.  I can make quilts out of any kind of material, well almost any kind.  So I have this need to keep  everything to make quilts from.  I have cut up a few things over the last few weeks and I am working on a quilt, with an idea for another quilt in the planning.  So I have a problem throwing away or giving away clothes.  I came up with a rule for myself.  This rule is to help me get rid of clothing.  The rule is simple.  If it does not fit PERFECTLY and/or I HAVE NOT WORN IT IN A YEAR it must go in the leaving pile.  Churches love to get clothing, household goods, and diapers for needy families.  There is a church  here in Harmony that my brother and his family attend.  This church has helped my family.  Although I am not of a christian faith, I feel it is right to give when the outcome is helping others, no matter the faith.

Where am I going?  This is the first leg of my journey.  I am basically going home.  I am going back to the area that I have been living in for the last fifteen years.  It is the North Carolina Piedmont area.  More specifically the Asheboro area.  Asheboro is where the North Carolina Zoo is and where the Pottery industry is prevalent.  It sits just 45 minutes south of Greensboro and an hour north of the Pinehurst.  About twelve miles south of Asheboro is Biscoe which is the geographical center of North Carolina.  Jonathan lives just north of Asheboro in Randleman and I will be staying south of Asheboro, just outside of Troy.  That means Jonathan and I will be only thirty minutes from each other.  That also means we will be able to plan together instead of trying to discuss things on the phone.  I am also hopping up and down because if I am that close I will be able to go to the shooting range with Jonathan.  Weee Haaaa!!!

Jonathan should be getting the van this week, as well.  We will work on that van getting it ready.  I think it need curtains on the windows and a privacy curtain to separate the driving area from the back.  We have tents, but we think it may be a good idea to arrange something for inside in the case of really bad weather or some sort of unsafe environment.  There will be a lot of hurry up and wait situations for the next two months.  I will try to blog about as much of it as I can.  I will have more information being closer to Jonathan.  We are both excited about seeing each other and getting serious about the planning (as Jonathan calls it “Brain Storming”).  As I stated in another post our current departure date is June 6,  2013 and our first location is the Outer Banks.

I do not know about Jonathan, but I have not been to the beach in six years.  I have not had a vacation in ten years, and I am over due.  So, first on my agenda is to get my body in some surf, sand, and seafood.  I need some spiritual healing only the ocean can give.  Also, I have never been to the Outer Banks.  It is a strip of land or small islands just beyond the North Carolina coast.  One area even has wild  horses living free.  There are lighthouses and historical sites I would like to visit.  The plan is to camp at state parks as we meander up the coastal highway and ride ferries from one island to the next.  State Parks used to be very cheap camping sites, but they cost about $20 a night if you want bathrooms and grill, less if you like going primitive.  We will leave that information for another blog.

Bird's eye view of Outer Banks, NC

Bird’s eye view of Outer Banks, NC


I am told that the dunes on the Outer Banks are mini mountains.  I promise to take lots of pictures.  But for now I am heading to the Asheboro area to finish getting ready.  I wish we had a massive, self-contained vehicle to travel in, but you get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit.  Check out http://www.adventuresinskyhorse and see what they are traveling in.  The world Behemoth come to mind. Keep watching and I will keep you up to date.

Happy Wanderings.



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