Where In The World Am I?

soul searching at hatteras 2013 011

Can you see yourself climbing this?  I know I took one look and thought “I wish I was twelve again.”  I love the waves in the sand.  Once you get to the top (and this was only the next to largest dune) it is a beautiful view of the dunes, some ocean, and unfortunately houses.  Are you wondering where I am?   Well, I will tell you on the drive over I was wondering the same thing.

What is your frame of mind?  Desolation or serenity?

What is your frame of mind? Desolation or serenity?

I decided on both.  It is so not cheating to choose both.  It shows that you know where you are, and can see where you want to be.  After the fight and flight situation Friday night, I paid for two days in a hotel room in Asheboro, NC.  I spent the next two days visiting with a couple of friends and deciding what to do next.  Jon still has obligations and the van to complete and to be completely honest there where no long-term accomodations available for me, even with friends.  The economy has hit everyone.  So, I said goodbye and drove away from the only place I knew as a hometown for nearly fifteen years.  Asheboro, NC home of the NC Zoo and close to the pottery community of Seagrove, NC.  I will miss it and all my friends, but as I told someone else, when you are empty it is not what you are running from but what you are running too.

soul searching at hatteras 2013 026

How is that for a photo shot?  I thought I was being very clever.  Okay, so I got in the car and drove toward the coast.  If I was going to leave NC there was some place I always wanted to go.  I had never been to the Outer Banks of NC.  I left around 4 p. m. and at 8 p.m. I reached Plymouth, NC and pulled into the Holiday Inn Express.  Can you say WOW!  It is a more business class accomodation and about $100 a night.  I hated the expense, but there was no place else to go.  I had stopped and bought the minimal camping equipment I thought I could get by with, mainly a tent.  I purchased a bite to eat and the hotel attendant Amanda had just baked chocolate cookies.  I grabbed a few things from the car and with my meager morsels I squirreled away in my room for some dinner, movies, facebook, and a long hot shower.  I slept the sleep of the dead with the t. v. and lights on.

It is now Monday and I am in the car trying to find the Outer Banks.  Sure I have GPS on my android, but this is an adventure and I am smiling and loving the sunshine.  As the scenery changes into low farm lands and swampy areas, I know I am getting closer.  I wonder if I need to stay on  Hwy 64 East until it dead ends into the Atlantic ocean or will there be a turn.  No, a detour.   Some bridge is being worked on.  I hit 95 then 264 and end up on 12 and I am to far north.  I really wanted to start at the south end of the banks and go north.  No big!  I drove south into Hatteras and found a KOA campground for $53 a night.  Yikes!  I was told by the park ranger that state parks here do not have camping and he kindly gave me a list of privately owned sites.  This time of year there is not much open.  This KOA has bathrooms like the Buckingham Palace.  A lot of places where hit by hurricanes the last two years and are still rebuilding. Too much building if you ask me.  Although, it is beautiful the three-story houses obstruct the skyline and there is only so many places you can build before you begin to change the whole feel of an island.  Negative?  I think not.  I love it here, I was just expecting a more pristine island from what I had been told.  I did enjoy the long stretches of dunes and ocean views in between towns.  But you cannot camp there and they really do not want you to stop and get out except at very few designated spots.  I think I will check on exceptions to the camping rules.

Never a more lovely sight than the ocean

Never a more lovely sight than the ocean.

I only wish it were warm enough to swim.  Today is Tuesday and my plan is to sit on the beach, wonder about the beach taking pictures, eat on the beach, nap on the beach, and enjoy the beach.  Hopefully I will have more pictures for you tonight.  If you are wondering about cell service or internet hook ups on the island, I can tell you that the only problem I have is that it is sometimes slow.  I just finished breakfast and coffee at the Atlantic Coast Cafe at 25150 hwy 12 and it was fantastic.  I had a wrap with eggs, sausage, avocado, onions, tomatoes, and a bit of cheese.  But the service was all smiles and “what can I do for you” , I loved it.

Happy Wanderings!


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