There is a Castle in Salem, Ohio

Towers at the enterance

Towers at the entrance

When I began to feel my energy returning, my nieces and I began to wander around Salem looking for interesting sights.  My great-niece is five and after a half hour in the car she was bored.  We went looking for a park so she could get out and run off some energy.  At one small corner of the park we found a castle!

At the far end of the park we found an area with a wooden fence around it and one entrance.  That is it in the picture above.  You walk into the entrance and there are little alcoves to hide in, under the towers and all the large complexes.  The person who designed this is a genius.  Even I got excited and had to explore.  Being five foot tall I can still do that

Salem Castle playground 007.Salem Castle playground 006

My great-niece and I ran from one end of this make-believe castle to the other.  She was the little princess and I got to be the mean, ugly troll under the castle.  There where just to many places to hide and scare each other.  Each complex had an upper deck and a lower deck or a maze of open alcoves under it.  There was even a barrel on ropes to simulate a bronco ride.  Well, for us it was a ride on the castle dragon.

Salem Castle playground 001 Salem Castle playground 011

Salem Castle playground 004Salem Castle playground 005

I kind of got so busy playing that I only shot a few pictures or the pictures I shot where done so quickly that they where blurry.  Ohwell, whatcha gonna do?  We were having fun chasing each other, climbing and walking the rope bridge.  Which I nearly busted my pride on the first step across.  The person that designed this knew kids or had a great imagination.  There are poles sticking out of the ground for nothing was a comment I heard for one woman.  I asked if she were crazy cause any fool could see those poles are for chasing other kids around and running zigzag relays.  Clearly she has lost her imagination.

Salem Castle playground 013Salem Castle playground 012

We made sure we explored every complex above and below.  I chased my great-niece through all the alcoves and across that dang rope bridge until I cornered her in one of the towers.  Then punched her in the shoulder and yelled “tag your it”!   Remember those days?

Salem Castle playground 009Salem Castle playground 008

Hanging with my nieces is great fun!  I am glad I stopped here for a while.

Happy Wanderings.


2 responses to “There is a Castle in Salem, Ohio

  1. Great post Terri! Those sure are some lucky kids – I wish we’d had one of those when I was little. We used to specialize in rubbing the slide with wax paper to make it super-slick! So when does the next phase of the next adventure begin? ~Terri

    • I thought I was in wonderland when I first entered that playground. I did not get enough photos of the underside of the complexes. Genius is all I can say. Jon has a tentative date of June 6 to leave NC and head this way. He has to finish some working contracts,and the van is not yet reliable.

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