Content Who?

In order to travel full-time I need a full-time travel income.  From all my research on the subject, and yes I read the full blog, working from my laptop seems to be the consensus of how to work and travel.  I have no problem with the concept of a portable office.  The problem is what do I do and how do I get the jobs?  I like to write, I write a lot of papers for my psychology and social/criminal justice classes.  Although I like to take my time with  my school work, I can put out a cited ten page paper in either my psychology or social/criminal justice classes in two hours and make a great grade.

What did I do?  I began searching the internet for writing jobs.  I have not found many sites, but most that I found gave advice and guidelines.  I want to do well at whatever I do so I read every that I thought might be of help.  A few sites I found asked for a degree of some sort in order to qualify.  I have another year to complete for my BA in psychology and a minor in social and criminal justice. I did not apply at those sites.  Finally, I applied at a site!  They weren’t taking anyone at the moment due to training a new recruits.  But they would get back to me in a couple of weeks if they liked my application!  Some promise, maybe, I will accept that you are busy.  At least they were polite enough to email me back.

Then I found another spot.  Well, well, they are taking writers now!  Oh my, I even qualify!  Now, what has happened so far in the application process is that you fill out the application and submit it.  Within about five days an email arrives telling you a little about the company and how they process applications.  If they like your application you are asked to take a writing assessment.  I had never written professionally.  I did not know what writing for content was and I still need to research the topic.  However, I did take the writing assessment for this company and submitted it on time.  I then received an email stating that it was being reviewed.  After a few days I received another email stating that the content was original and had passed their stringent review.  The email also stated that the assessment would be passed onto the customer for their input and that there could possibly be some changes they might want to make.  I was informed that the customer had five days in which to submit their changes.  That was over six weeks ago.

The pleasant  and understanding person that I am waited, and waited, and waited.  Then I got mad, because at this point they are just being rude.  I exhausted time and effort researching and writing this piece the least you could do is be honest and turn me down.  What did I do?  I went back to the site and put in a request for information on why they have not contacted me, a week and a half ago.  Really, really rude people.  Disrespectful and dishonest at the least.  I would just about guess that they kept my piece and shrugged me.

There might be a silver lining after all!  The first company I applied with contacted me and I took a small survey for them.  Cross your fingers for me that I get a chance to prove myself!  That is the way you should conduct business.  If you are not open for new talent at the moment do not leave any part of the screening process open.  As an employer you would expect me to keep my word and follow through with what I tell you I will do.  I expect the same of any business.  By not following through with your own statements of action you inform me that as a business and personally you have no integrity.  At this point I no longer wish to work for you.

I wish that I could shout from the blog tops the name of this company and to inform newbies like myself to not waste their time.  However, I am not sure about the legal aspects of doing something like that.  But trust and believe if you contact me I will send you an email with their name on it.  I do not want to read a rant, I like reading good topics even if you do not write perfectly, but once in a while you just need to let off some steam.  This has been my steam letting moment.  Now that the pressure has been released let us move on.

Next topic: City sponsored watery fun for the kids!!!

Happy Wanderings.



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