Berlin Lake, Ohio and a Two Foot Tall Bandit

Berlin Lake, Ohio

Berlin Lake, Ohio

Wilderness and Water, two things I adore!!  I do love the water most.  Ohio is a gorgeous state.  Berlin Lake is one of the prettiest places to visit.  I spent five stormy days and five lovely nights at Lakeside Campground waiting to go out onto the water.  But everyday it was a mess.  The very last day was looking pretty good, but I had to leave early to get back to Akron for my niece’s birthday.  However, I did get a few shots of the lake.

Berlin lake, Ohio 009Berlin lake, Ohio 028

Berlin lake, Ohio 023Berlin lake, Ohio 016

As you can see the lake is very large.  There where parts that I could not get to off the water.  Alas, I had to settle for shots from different shorelines.  I did locate a public campground run by the state.  Instead of turning onto Bedell Rd. to go to Lakeside Campground you turn the opposite direction and just up about a quarter-mile, on the right is a public campground and it is on the water front, as well.

Berlin lake, Ohio 008 Berlin lake, Ohio 032

Berlin Lake is full of wildlife.  Everyday I saw something.  My sister and I went touring around the campground and spotted a chipmunk, gopher, deer, and plenty of birds.  Ohio has some beautiful birds.  In Akron I saw two bright yellow finches, and at Berlin Lake I saw red cardinals, some small birds I could not identify, and an owl.  It was wonderful to sit back and watch all of it.

One night I was having a hard time sleeping.  I broke out a solitaire game on my laptop and started in on a jigsaw puzzle, my nieces were working on, when I heard something out side.  Now, mind you I am not sleeping in the camper, but in a tool shed made into a cottage (lovely as it is).  This cottage has a screen door and a sliding barn door between me and the critters.  It was a bit warm that night and I had pushed the barn door back to get some air in.  When I heard the rustling outside I looked out the screen door.  As my eyes adjusted to the dark I slowly scanned the area around the campfire.  Just as I came back to the point closest the door and to the right a two foot tall raccoon popped up and cocked his head at me.  He then went straight back to inspecting the bag of chips my brother-in-law left on the stump, as if I were no threat at all.

I have to tell  you that I was a not just a little peeved at this slight to my ferocity as a predator.  My southern sensibilities took this as a slap in the face.  A country girl, whether small town or back woods, either has practical or working knowledge of hunting, fishing, and trapping.  Whether we have ever actually done it, does not matter.  We  have knowledge and confidence that if ever the skill was needed we could pull it off or call Bubba (southern for brother) to come help us.

Since my only Bubba was back in North Carolina and the brother-in-laws were in Salem or sound asleep, I was on my own with this critter and I did not want to eat him.  Raccoons just are not good meat.  I yanked open the door and yelled “HEY!”  One I did not know that raccoons could move that fast, and two he still got the chips.  But worst of all he only took off around the other shed and under the boat then stopped to eat the chips.  How is this worse?  He only took the long way around to get ten feet from me before stopping to finish his meal!  What does that say about me?  Even more horrible, I now had to fulfill the call of nature and I do not know how much I have pissed this two foot bandit off.  Screw it, my bladder rules all.

The moral of this story is:  Never piss a wild critter off, unless you piss inside the camper.”

Had my partner been with me, I would have been more adventurous and hiked around the lake a bit.  Truthfully, I think being with family gave me a comfy, laid back attitude and I cherished hanging about the campsite with my sister.  We drank coffee in our pj’s in the morning and sipped chocolate wine around the campfire at night, watching the moon ride across the inky sky.

Before chocolate wine

Before chocolate wine

After three glasses of chocolate wine.

After three glasses of chocolate wine.

Yeah, I had to giggle at that one too.  I need to set up a tripod prior to wine tasting.  All in all it has been a great trip. Happy Wanderings.


5 responses to “Berlin Lake, Ohio and a Two Foot Tall Bandit

    • Fantastic! I’m glad you like it. I really try not to make anything identifiable, but sometimes people just know or I miss some identity marker. I am actually going to be around the site off and on this summer. I am hoping to do some more shots and maybe some hiking. Keep in touch.

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