Where to Next?

There are so many ideas and places I want to go.  Unfortunately, it looks like I must go full sail on my own.  I have no idea when Jonathan can or will join me.  For now I will leave the name of the site as is and just see where the adventure takes me.  That is the question now.  Where is my next adventure?  Funds are kind of small, I still have a car, I still have too much nonsense stuff weighing me down and there are things I need, in order to go light.

I have an invite to Orlando, Florida.  This is the tourist season, but it is miserable hot there.  I have been spoiled here in Ohio with the almost fall like weather.  But, it is time to move on and enjoy new adventures.  This would be so much more fun with a friend.  Two things really weighing me down is that I need to get rid of my car and I need a hiking pack and sleeping bag.  All good things in time.

My plan at the moment is to finish up my visit here in Ohio, before anyone else can suggest I get a real job and settle down.  Ohio is beautiful, just not the beautiful I want right now.  Besides, I have tried the “settle down” and I am happier traveling.  I am mapping out my route to Florida.  I will be searching a couchsurf for one or two nights on the route, or searching a campsite.  I may hop back on the ocean front lane and take the scenic route down.  It is warm enough to swim now!

Funds are low, that means getting a part-time in Orlando.  Who knows, I might meet up with a fellow traveler and embark on a new adventure.  After all, it is the adventure that I crave.  New place, new people, new sights and sounds.  I am really egging to get out of the United States.  Until then, Happy Wanderings.


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