Hiking in the Cuyahoga Falls Area


This is a shot of the creek bed along the hiking path.  Locals use this as a walking/running path, since it runs along or across from a few picnic areas.  It is a state-run park area, but there were no signs stating I had to stick to the path “OR ELSE”.  Sooooo, I went exploring!!


I hiked up in past the tree line and I was surprised at how dense the foliage is.  It was a partly cloudy day with periods of sunshine and light showers.  Nothing to make you stay in the house, if you have a hoodie.  Personally, I am made of agave nectar and some lovely aromatic spices, so I slung a ball cap on and hoofed it up over the next hill.  The further in I went the darker my surroundings became.  I felt like the forest was engulfing me in its peace and tranquility.  The only sounds I could hear were the bird’s chorus and some rustling of the leaves as small critters foraged about.

012 018

In different areas I came in close to the creek and some small falls.  I am a water lover.  Sitting on a giant rock listening to the water rush over the falls and gurgle a path passed the river rocks can enthrall me for hours.  It is these moments and scenes when I most wish for an excellent camera.  One that can take nearly microscopic photos and zoom into the smallest or farthest places.  My thoughts at that moment where of hidden places behind the falls.  We have all seen movies with caves and tunnels behind megalithic falls.  I want to see behind the tiny ones.  Are there dry spots or tiny caves behind the miniature versions?005003


For me, a walk in the forest is like a visit to fairy land.  I love the small hidden places. 004



Next time you are in the Akron area and you need some time with nature, drive down the road until you see a sign like this one.


Then park and begin your commune.  I was happily lost for two hours and covered about seven miles.  I simply walked until I became tired and headed back in the direction of the trail.  If you are not familiar with hiking I would always keep the main trail in view so that you do not truly become lost.

Happy Wanderings.




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