Wait, Go, Stuck in Place.

My brain? This is what it feels like.

My brain? This is what it feels like.

Actually, this is a close up of a flower bed covered in recycled glass.  I took this shot as I was leaving the North Carolina coast.  I stopped for a few last shots and the landscaping had a raised flower bed with this as the bedding cover.  I did not dig in to see if there was dirt beneath it, I should have.  I did feel that this was a nice idea to utilize recycled materials.  But on to my tale of woe.

It seems I am stuck here in Ohio.  Why?  Because during my stay here I used my debt card to purchase something and someone decided to use my card number to pay their virgin mobile bill.  I am not even using my own cell phone service, I do not want to pay for yours.  I have allowed my cell service to lapse, for now, so that I can better afford gas and food.  Pinger is an app that provides free calls and text if you have a WiFi connection.  That is what I use.  In order to keep a phone line open to solve this issue I am stuck where there is a WiFi connection.  That was the bad news.

Wild flowers along the coastal waterway

Wild flowers along the coastal waterway 

Good news is the IRS owes me money!  I am also stuck in Ohio until these funds come in, because they will not auto deposit an amended tax return.  I have come to realize I need a better way to deal with the mail and banking.  Thanks to the many other travelers out there writing and sharing information, I have learned of services you can purchase to do just what I need.  These companies provide you with a street address, go through your mail, email copies so that you can view and decide what to do with them, and deposit checks for you.  I need a service like this and have put it on my “to do” list.  I did not ask if the IRS deposits to paypal.  Hmmm.  Something for the government to think about.

This is what I do in my spare time.

This is what I do in my spare time.

This is what I do during my time at the beach.  I make and sell jewelry.  It helps with the travel expenses.  I also found a way to make some pennies on-line with Mturk.  This is through Amazon.com and it really only pays pennies, but the work is too easy.  Well I set my self up for this bit of work and the next thing I know they shut my account down.  What?  I did everything I was supposed to do.  That did get resolved and I am now making some pennies.

A triple wrap bracelet or necklace.  This one is really popular right now.

A triple wrap bracelet or necklace. This one is really popular right now.

Also, I received a job offer.  I hope it is legit.  When you are looking for work online you run across people who will put you to work.  For a price, they will give you half the information you need and then tell you it is because you are not working the system correctly.  Now I am sure that there are a few out there that try to be honest and helpful.  But only a few.  It is those few that I have learned a great deal from.  I have searched and researched everything I can get my eyes on to learn how to survive.  It is slow going, frustrating, but oh, so liberating!  I keep thinking that I cold kick myself for not following my dreams back in my twenties.  Especially after I had my son.  I see articles on parents and single women raising their children as world travelers.  My parents did this, in a fashion.  My father was in the military and my mother became the artful packer/unpacker and toter of 5 children.  At one time I calculated that we moved, on average, every two years.

Every two years, moving to a new place, meeting new people, and learning new cultures.  I had a great childhood.  A dream come true for me would be to succeed in becoming a full-time traveler then helping my son, his girlfriend, and my granddaughter to join me.  My son’s girlfriend and her daughter are part Thai.  They may never have another way of getting out of the country to see where their ancestors came from.  A lot of things that I see and do, I think about how my granddaughter would view them and what her response would be.  There are few lovelier things in this world than the wonder in a small child’s eyes.

To sum this week up, I was going to leave for Florida this morning.  However, due to criminal activity I will have to wait a few more weeks.  In the mean time I will be trying to raise more funds for traveling and doing school work (really getting tired of school).  I am researching free camping sights across America and how to get a WiFi connection from anywhere cheaply or for free.  By the way I have an Android I am playing with the idea of unlocking it.  Any ideas?  I am all ears.

Happy Wanderings.


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