Lessons Learned and Still Waiting

crap photos biding time 002


Looks good?  It was very!  This is another passion.  I love to create dishes from clean foods.  This is a tilapia steak with quinoa and a mixed bean and pea salad in a vinegar sauce.  It makes my heart happy when a five-year old gobbles down a healthy meal.  I love my time with family, but I really want to move on now.  I am so restless and agitated I could eat nails.  So I walk, cook, clean, crochet, blog, and study to keep from hanging myself.  Some of you know what it is to be out in the elements and then cramped up day after day in an apartment.  It is not the company, my family is wonderful.  It is the forced stationary existence that drives me crazy.

I learned that I will never charge anything to my debt card again.  I will extract the money from the ATM and pay in cash, send a cashiers check, or anything not put my accounts on front street again.  What I thought happened was that someone used my debt card number to pay their phone bill.  What I am learning is that either a phone I purchased for my son was put on auto draft or a phone that I canceled two years ago was still on auto draft.  Do not judge unless you have lived through what I have over the last ten years.  Let’s just say that I would be well within my rights to have a nervous breakdown.  Either way this company owes me for unauthorized charges.

I spent three hours on the phone being passed from one person to the next and still no resolution.  How hard is it to tell me if you have an account in my name with the last four digits of my credit card on file.  Another lesson learned: Always make a copy of your credit card or wait until the new one comes before you destroy the old one (customer service told me to, don’t judge).  Lesson three: do not take no for an answer.  Lesson four: keep a cool head (uh yeah, I missed that one at one point.  Again, do not judge.)  Someone will be calling me tomorrow to help me resolve this matter on a three-way with my bank.  At least that is what I was told.  We shall see.  There is a possible silver lining to this.  If what I suspect has happened, I will be getting even more money back than what I had first thought.  Wish me, Pray for me, whatever is your preference.  I need all the help I can get.  If it goes well we all will be seeing more of this:

crap photos biding time 010 and this crap photos biding time 004 or maybe some of this

day 2 hatteras 002


Happy Wanderings.


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