United We Stand With Turner Barr!!

Two Traveling twits

I do not count myself as one of the elite in the travel writing community.  In fact I am not quite a member, yet.  But I do know that Corporations never lose, unless we all stand together and fight.  As Americans we are instilled with the will to fight against oppression, to promote fairness and equality, and to persevere in the face of adversity.  We gripe at how our country has fallen by the way side and the little man is again being trampled on by our own people in the name of greed.  Well, here is your chance to help one of your own.  If you are a blogger you can make your voice heard.

Turner Barr is “Around the World in 80 Jobs” http://www.youtube.com/user/80WorldJobs .  Adecco is a major corporation that claims to care about youth unemployment.  What they should care about is teaching the youth ethics, as…

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2 responses to “United We Stand With Turner Barr!!

  1. ” We must all hang together or, assuredly We shall all hang separately.”
    If we don’t do something, something is going to be done to us!

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