On the Move Again!

crap photos biding time 014

I am headed back to Berlin Lake for two days, maybe one.  Probably one.  Then it is on the road again!  Yes!!  On the “F-bomb” road again!!  I know this is right or I would not be so excited about it.  The plan is to take the scenic route south and turn left in Virginia.  I have a need to explore.  I do not know how long it will take me to travel south and I do not care.

I did not get my money back from the unnamed cell company, yet.  A very small word with great possibilities, that word “yet”.  I found out they owe me more money than I thought.  That was some good news.  Then a little birdie told me to grab an opportunity and that put a few bucks in my pocket.  Enough to point me south on a scenic route and allow me to take my time.  Ain’t life grand!

My family is worried.  They think I am crazy.  All I can say is that I am happiest when I am on the go.  I will miss them, but I have to go.  You know how I feel.  There is a path.  No one can see it, not even you, but you know it is there.  I want the road less traveled, the road most traveled, sometimes traveled, and occasionally traveled.  I am so “F-bomb” excited I would dance around the apartment, but it might upset my nieces.  I am going to miss them terribly.  Crazy girls!  I think all of my nieces and nephews inherited my Dad’s sense of humor.  We are subject to break out in nuttiness at anytime.

I have had a great time here.  Who would not want to hang with a bunch of people who make you piss yourself laughing.  With my family the rule of thumb is to always wear your depends when out in public.  Even the most mundane thing can become a source of hilarity.  Lord love a duck, don’t anyone have gas or be in a bad mood, you become the object of their attention.  As my sister would say, “It’s FFF(Forced Family Fun), so put your big girl panties on and deal with it.”

But truthfully I want to jump up and down, dance on the furniture, and sing “On the Road Again”!  So a couple of days at Berlin Lake and this time I will be hiking, no matter the weather.  I plan on stopping through the mountains in Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia to hike.  Then turn left and hit the beaches and small towns the rest of the way.  Finding free campsites is a must.  Having a few things to accomplish along the way adds some purpose to the adventure.  A friend of mine suggested GEO Cashing, but that sounds like to much side tracking to find things.  I should have enough to keep me busy with finding WiFi to do my school work.  I wish they would give me credit for these adventures.

Soooo, stay tuned and I hope to add something to this blog nearly everyday.

Happy Wanderings.


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