Good Bye Akron

Akron 2013 051

So long and fare well to Akron.  Yesterday was the last day there.  I will be back another day, but only because I have family here.  As cities go this is not one of the worst or the best.  ‘The Falls and that area around it that is more rural, rural Salem, and Deerfield are some of the most beautiful areas.  Fairlawn is just another ritzy  upper class, too much money town.  Boardman was great, more of my style of town.  Akron proper and the suburbs needs a beautification program.

Akron 2013 052

I found some of the nicest and some of the rudest people in Akron.  Truthfully if I had to stay in Ohio I would live out in the sticks.  They do have great programs if you need assistance.  I will say that they are helpful, rudely so, but very helpful.

Akron 2013 054

Downtown Akron is nice.  As you can see in these shots the area is fairly clean.  I did notice investors where building high-end apartments.  I did get to view one such apartment building.   You paid according to how many rooms you had.  Basically you paid $700 per bedroom.  My reaction: What the “F-bomb”?  No “F-bomb” way?  You must be “F-bomb” crazy.  All said in my best southern twang, as well.

Akron 2013 058

The rest of Akron is poorly taken care of.  I saw few areas that did not need some kind of up keep.  The Falls area was probably the exception.  So when my money rolled in I was happy to get gone.  Other than time with family my stay was pretty boring and I would think that the next time I plan a trip here it will be to see more of the outdoors and stay away from the city. So good-bye Akron, Ohio and on to Salem for some more good byes with family.

Akron 2013 060


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