On To The Next Destination!


Toes in the sand?  I vote yes!  So where to next?  Florida!  I think that I would really like to explore Florida.  This trip I have no GPS to direct me.  I will be traveling the old fashion way.   Well, let’s make that by two old fashion modes.  I planned out several destinations to stop at and printed the directions from yahoo maps.  I am using an atlas, as well.   I want to avoid major highways and toll roads.  Also, I want to travel coastal roads.

I want to rest so I will be sleeping in free campsites or rest areas.  The problem is the northern states have forgotten that rest areas are for resting.  If you look like you are sleeping they tell you to move on.  The trip is over a 1000 miles and if I do not want to use up gas I will have to ride without the air conditioner like we did when I was a kid.  How many of you remember riding up in the rear window?  No wonder kids hate riding in cars now a days, all strapped down and can not hide in the floor board.  I will be leaving in the morning heading toward Virginia Beach, Virginia then heading south on highway 17.  Traveling through Ohio and Pennsylvania should be beautiful and I have rain storms to look forward too.  But the rain should keep it cool.  So, I will travel through Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and end up in Florida with my toes in the sand.

Happy Wanderings.


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