Boat Yard Necropolis


trip to florida 035

A Necropolis is a graveyard.  This one was creepy and gorgeous all at the same time, and just for boats.  I could not count them all.  The grass was too high for me to walk the whole of the yard in flip-flops, so I could not count how many boats where here.  In Florida, you never know where a snake is hiding.  This close to the water it most likely would be a Water Moccasin that would bite you.  Besides, I do not know that I would have been able to find all of the boats.  As you can see from the photos the swamp is attempting to claim them.

This property is on the edge of a large lake in Leesburg, Florida.  It was as eerie as it was beautiful with all the Spanish moss hanging from the trees and the sun’s rays streaming through openings in the canopy.  There was something very primitive about the sight of the boats being swallowed up by the swamp vines, while listening to frogs and gators sing a warning from the water.  

 trip to florida 036trip to florida 037

It was just as you imagine it would be.  It was hot and muggy.  The humidity had the sweat running down the small of my back.  The bugs were irritatingly buzzing about my head.  Yet, I could not pull myself away from photographing these images.  I hoped nothing would get on my lense or in my mouth.  As beautiful as the Spanish moss is, hanging from the trees, I did not want it dropping onto my head without a scarf on.  There was so much of the beautiful lace hanging everywhere.  


trip to florida 038trip to florida 039





I love the way the light and dark contrasts in the swamp.  It is like a battle for life and death.  As if life knows that all things must return to the earth, but struggles and claws for that one last fleeting moment of sunlight and warmth before sinking back into the swampy darkness.

I hope that you all are enjoying an adventure of your own.  My friends at have inspired me to make a list of the things I have accomplished/not accomplished.  You could say a buck list of sorts.  I hope to have that for you soon.  Please visit my friends at their sight, you will truly be inspired as I have been.

Happy Wanderings. 


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