A Night out in Altemonte Springs, Florida

Two cousin like best friends

Two cousin like best friends.

This is me and my cousin Sandra.  A quick photo before we put the car in gear and head to the club.  Yes!  You heard me.  We are headed to the club!  A night out for the adults!  Sandra needs some time away from her kids and I just need some adult fun.  An alcoholic beverage, of my choice, would not be a terrible thing, either.  The plan is to have some fun, have a little more fun, laugh, have even more fun, giggle, have a great time, people watch, FUN, listen to some funny people crack jokes, hear some great music, and see if we meet some interesting people.  I am always looking to talk to people.  I want to see how long it takes for someone to approach or if they will respond to being approached.  I love to talk to people and see what they are about, but tonight is not about that.  Tonight is about unwinding, working out the stress and kinks of life.  However, if an opportunity arises, I will not pass it up.

club night 004

Heller (Madea reference).  Me into something new, taking self photos.  I think this is being called “selfies” now.  For 48 years old and a few extra pounds, I think I look pretty good.  Mauh, Daaaalink you is faboelus, simply faboelus!  Can you tell how vain I am?  I took the nerd glasses off.  No, I have no real style.  No matter what I put on I look like a boho gypsy.  I hate shopping.

My cousin Sandra. Girl you know I love you better than french toast!

My cousin Sandra. Girl you know I love you better than french toast!

Now this beauty, is my ever polished, so classy looking cousin Sandra.  Probably, the best of all the best friends I have ever had, because she is also family.  You know you have those few friendships that never get old or stale, that no matter how long you are away and do not talk, you just come right back like nothing is any different?  This is how our relationship is.  After 27 years of not talking or seeing each other and only getting sketchy information through the family grape-vine, it is like we are teenagers hanging out again.  We have grown older and wider (wider a synonym for wiser), married, divorced, had children, and became grandparents (not necessarily in that order), but we never lost our closeness.  I love this woman more than I love new crafting tools and balls of colorful yarn.  But I digress, please let us move on to the night life.

club night 012

The night life is “the legendary Why Not Lounge” in the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel, Orlando – North.  Tonight the lounge hosts “Bonkers Comedy Club” for the first portion of the night.  It cost us $10 USD at the door.  We walked in and found a table.  Thanks to Sandra’s keen mind, she strategically placed us at a table that gave us an optimal view of the club, stage and front door.  Location, location, location.  It is everything.  At this table we can watch the competition and the men come in the front door.  We thought we had an unobstructed view of the stage, but that proved to be wrong when the show started.  However, we were just far enough away from the dance floor to be approachable for a dance or conversation.  Sandra is just too smart about things like this.  That’s why she has the Realtor’s license.

After we strategically positioned ourselves Sandra and I began operations.  She watched the door and alerted me to possible targets and I continued surveillance in the room tracking each too good-looking woman and every well-built man.  We were on the prowl.  Grrrrr!

Get your dance on!

Get your dance on!

I wish we were on the prowl.  Actually, we were both just wanting to unwind, have some laughs, and listen to some music.  The comedy show turned out to be a hit.  The first comedian to perform was a large red-headed fellow.  Although, I cannot remember his name he was very funny.  Then came Tim the dairy farmer with an excellent performance.  Tim has a down home personality that sucks the audience in.  However, the head liner this night was Jodi White “MILF and Cookies”.  It was perfect.  A woman in mid-life spouting comedic references to life to two women in mid-life.  At least that is what it felt like to Sandra and I.  She could have been reading our minds.  One of the best joke she carries is “MILF and Cookies”.  If  you have a sense of humor, are single, and over forty then you will get it.  Sandra and I get hit on by younger men all the time, so when Jodi came out with “MILF and cookies” we fell out.  I thought I would pass out from laughing so hard.  So if you have a chance go online and type Jodi White into your search engine or YouTube and check her out.jodi white

After the show the staff began clearing the tables and chairs off the dance floor.  Most every weekend the Why Not Lounge has live music and dancing.  Tonight would not disappoint.  The band is a local group and played a varied of 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and current music.  I took this opportunity to make a run to the lady’s room and when I returned I found Jemil standing at my table with his drink sitting on it and texting.  Sandra and I had chosen two tables together, and she was sitting at her table.  When I approached to get into my seat I just pulled him an extra chair up and said thank you for joining us.  Jemil, as it turns out, is a bar manager for a very popular restaurant chain.  The gentleman that he is, he bought us drinks, kept Sandra deep in conversation, jumped on the dance floor with me, until we were out of breath, and walked us to our car at the end of the night.  He was the perfect date for both Sandra and I.

Jemil Knight, bar manager for a restaurant chain and new friend.

Jemil, bar manager for a restaurant chain and new friend.

club night 022

Jemil trying to make his point to Sandra and as you can see, she ain’t having none of it.  He really was a very nice guy and we had a great time laughing and dancing the night away.  If you have a chance to be in the Orlando area do not forget to check out The legendary Why Not Lounge and Bonker’s Comedy Club.  Until then Happy Wanderings.



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