North Carolina Exploring

I am back in North Carolina and I am most likely going to be here for some time.  So, exploring we will go!  I am currently getting myself set up in a new position of employment.  The new position begins February 27, 2015.  I am excited because I will be working in an area more closely related to my studies, but I am sad because it means that I will not be traveling far.  However, where there is a will there is a way.  There are so many places in North Carolina to see that I am in the process of making a bucket list to get started.

Oh, yes, my reason for being in North Carolina,  I almost forgot to tell you.  I am a grandma.

Kameron's first week 038

This is himself, a year ago on Christmas day, his first day home.  He is my heart.  His older sister is my love.

back to NC and the birth of Kameron 073back to NC and the birth of Kameron 092


Their parents have decided that they want their children to grow up with something they did not have.  They want their children to have a first hand knowledge of the world.  They want to travel and live in other areas so their children will know other cultures, appreciate their own mixed culture, and be open-minded.  My son says because he and his fiance did not have an opportunity to travel, as I did, they are more close minded to other cultures.  Although, they do not wish anyone harm, in some instances they can be objectionable to change or lack the comprehension to be tolerant.  Travel will be an education for them, as well.  We have a lot of planning to do and it should be an adventure too.

Whether or not we can accomplish this mission is unknown, but we aim to try.  Putting a plan together for the whole family to travel is going to be daunting.  How do you manage the lives of five people in five different stages of life to travel together?  That might be a topic of discussion for later on.

We have a few ideas and it may take us a year or three to manage it.  But having a goal is better than wallowing in nothingness.  An international education for my kids is a dream come true.  I will be working extra hard to make this wish come true.  In the mean time we will be living, working, and exploring in North Carolina.  We do have a short trip coming at the end of the month.  I will also be writing about Asheboro, which is where I live.

I always welcome people to chime in if they have advice, wisdom, or questions.  This is no exception.  If you want to offer up something you are welcome to do so.

back to NC and the birth of Kameron 071

Happy Wanderings.



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