Two Traveling Twits are Jonathan Frazier and Terri Smart.  We are two long time friends fed up with getting by and simply existing in this world.  One day I was complaining to Jonathan about how life was boring and I just wanted to pack up and travel and never stop, he said okay let’s go.  Blink, blink!!! Really!  Because I could so do this.  That was around the last of February 2013 and since then we have been planning and trying to pull things together.  What we would like to do is blog about our adventures, take pictures of all the places and people we encounter.  But importantly we want to have fun and make you smile.

UPDATE: It has been just a few months since this blog began and already changes are taking place.  I am now traveling full time, albeit slowly.  Although, it has been a rocky start I am enjoying myself.  However, Jonathan is still stationary with no end of it in sight.  I am ever hopeful that my dear friend will eventually join me.  Adventures are best shared and having someone to share with makes one more adventurous.

With that said, I have decided that this blog is mine and all about my adventures.  At this time I will leave the name, mostly because I am hoping Jonathan can catch up, but really because I do not know how to change it.  Yes, I am still learning all this tech stuff.  It is great fun.  So please join me when ever you can and I promise to share all that I see and do.

UPDATE: It is October 2013 an I am a happy traveler.  I have heard from Jon and his situation has improved.  We are now making plans to join up in North Carolina in December and if all goes well we will be on the road by January, touring the U. S. and hopefully South America.  Stay tuned and happy wanderings.


5 responses to “About

  1. Making moves! Love this! Never settling for the status quo! Fires me up! 🙂 thanks for the email too. I’m gonna respond in a minute and I’ll get up with you later tonight on Skype or something!

  2. Hi Terri. Nice to meet you. I’ve been travelling all over your blog and wow, you’re sure having some adventures already!
    Thanks for visiting our blog, and for following. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journeys, both inner and outer. What you get to see and experience on the outside is wonderful, but it’s what happens on the inside, the changes you go through, that really matters.
    Wishing you the best of luck and joy on your journey.

    • Thank you for visiting my blog. I see a lot of young people out here, so I was overjoyed to see someone of my age group to follow. Take care of yourselves and thank you for sharing your experiences. I will visit often.

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